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A bunch of set up questions for an unfamiliar system.

I recently got a new full time job at a really nice pawn shop. I am the only person there that really knows anything about 2 channel systems so I volunteered to maintain all of the 2 channel components being put out on the floor. We pulled an entire stereo system today and I decided to put the whole thing out as a demo display. The system includes a lot of lower end Kenwood components but also has some higher end filters and such.

The Components are as follows:

1. Kenwood KD-65F Turntable
2. Kenwood KT-76 Tuner
3. Kenwood DP-R4070 Disc Changer
4. Kenwood GE-1100 Graphic EQ
5. Kenwood Basic C2 Preamp
6. Kenwood Basic M2A Power Amp
7. Kenwood AT-56 Timer
8. DBX 3BX III Dynamic Expander
9. Cerwin Vega D-15EE Speakers
10. Cerwin Vega V15 Subs

I will also be throwing in a Nakamichi BX-125 and an ART PS 4x4 power conditioner for lack of a better option.

Ok, here come the questions... Anything you guys can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

1. I need to figure out how much the speakers and subs are worth. I tried to price them today but could not find them in the 2002 audio blue book or in any recent ebay auctions.

2. I need to hook up the 3BX and the EQ at the same time. The EQ does not actually need to affect the sound but it would be nice to get a signal going through it. Its a really flashy unit and I think the pretty colors and display will sell it. So my question is: Do I wire the EQ and Expander in series or put the Expander in between the preamp and amplifier and run the EQ through the tape section? Any suggestions and possible wiring schemes would be helpful.

3. One of the really unfamiliar components to me in this system is the timer. I will have to download a manual to figure out how to program it but is it really a good idea to plug an amplifier into another component? I'm just wondering if I should try and hook the timer into anything or just plug it in and light it up.

4. Whats the best way to hook up a system? I will be working on the set up during store hours and I want it to be as simple and fast as possible. Should I just start at the top and work my way down? Connect power on everything first? Plug all of the interconnects into the preamp and just set each component in? speakers first, speakers last? I never really thought about these things when I hooked up my home system but I will probably be doing this a lot more often so any tips on a speedy set up would be cool.

5. Do I just hook the subs into the B section on the amp? anything special for running subs and 3 way speakers simultaneously?

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Re: A bunch of set up questions for an unfamiliar system.

I set up the system today and some of the questions I asked got answered. I plugged the expander and the eq into the a and b tape inputs on the preamp and they are both able to manipulate the signal.

Wiring up the system went fine. I just plugged all of the power cords into the conditioner first and neatly grouped them then ran the interconnects to each component.

I ran into a few more problems though once the system was all connected. The amplifier has level controls for each channel and when they are moved a crackling sound comes from the speakers and the channels often cut out. I was also getting a much stronger signal out of the right channel of the amplifier than the left. I plugged an mp3 player directly into the amp and the levels were almost identical. This leads me to believe that there is a problem in the preamp. I compensated for the differences by biasing the balance on the preamp to the left. Are either of these problems common and is there an easy way to fix it?

Also does anyone know anything about the dbx? Am I supposed to set it on pre or post? What exactly does it do. Personally I think the system sounds better if I just bypass it.

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