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Emmett Scully
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Building a listening room


I want to have a go at making and selling boutique speakers, so I'm going to build a listening room. I wanted to ask the knowledgable people here for advice.

The goal is to have a room which will allow for the clearest evaluation of speakers. To this end I want the walls to be reflective, but for there not to be any issues with the sound which would mask the sound quality.

The internal dimensions in feet are 14x22.5x36.5
The walls and floor will be concrete.
I'm thinking the roof could just be galvanised sheets.

My question is; how can I get a good in room frequency response, i.e. not too rolled off at the top end.

This needs to be cost effective and non-resonant.

Maybe Plywood over the concrete would even the response, and then the right paint over that might improve matters further.

Any thoughts?

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