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Budget turntable

My Linn turntable just went south (bummed). Looking for a budget replacement because I can't afford an expensive one. Anyone have any advice? Goldring, Music Hall, Project etc...

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Re: Budget turntable

Dollar for dollar I suggest Music Hall MMF-7. Probably won't equal your Linn, but won't cost you much, and will keep your vinyl going nicely.

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Re: Budget turntable

Project, Music Hall, Rega; you won't go wrong with any of those. I question what is wrong with the Linn, however. I suggest you take it to a Linn dealer and have atalk about what can be done with it; the build quality is good, and it is hard to believe it is not repairable. Check out Audio Advisor for the others, and look at reviews for the past 3 years.

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