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Budget price USB DAC

Just a heads-up on the Yellowtec PUC2 which has been stirring up a lot of dust on one of the local boards here.

Basically it is a 24/192-capable 'professional' USB soundcard with both ADC and DAC presented via balanced inputs/outputs on XLR sockets. PUC2 is bus-powered and uses the USB's iso async mode via its custom Windows and Mac OS device drivers developed by a company called Ploytec. It retails for about $495. Looks like it might be an interesting alternative to, say, an HRT Music Streamer for those requiring either balanced connections and/or recording capability.

Folks here are reporting very good results with this unit which is being held forth as something of a giant killer. I have not had a chance to audition it yet but hopefully will in early August.

Wondering if any of you good folks have come across Yellowtec (it was a new name for me) or the PUC2 in particular, especially our resident recording engineers?

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