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Bryston B60 and Primare i30

I am currently on a lookout for new amp and speakers. Room is 28m2 and I listen to everything from soft jazz to loud rock.
From all that I've read, Primare i30 sounds like a good choice. Unfortunately, they are currently unavailable for inspection at the local dealership.
In the meantime I've heard Bryston B60 + PMC GB1. Loved the sound, especially GB1 bass. Maybe I should have pushed the amp harder because 60W may be too little for 87 db/W/m speakers. Then again, dealer's room was smaller than my own.
My question goes to those who have heard Bryston and Primare. Is Primare worth waiting for?

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Re: Bryston B60 and Primare i30

Have not heard either but agree with your assesment that 60W is too low for the sensitivity rating.


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Re: Bryston B60 and Primare i30

The difference between 60 watts and 90 watts, all else being equal, is 1.5 decibels of sound pressure. The difference between a sensitivity of 87db and 91db, all else being equal, is almost 3 times as great as the difference in amplification.

How each amp behaves with the speaker impedence could be significant, but I am relatively confident in suggesting that both would be able to increase power and handle a 4ohm speaker load with little problem.

I use a 60 watt integrated (100 watt into 4 ohm) with speakers that present a 4 ohm load and get way more sound pressure than I ever need...which is to say 98db with no problems. The speakers are 87db sensitive.

If you really want to go loud, the more sensitive the speakers are the opposed to simply increasing the amplification by 30 watts.

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