Bryston 7B NRB-THX, ST, & SST monoblock power amplifier Kalman Rubinson, March 1999

Kalman Rubinson wrote about the 7B-ST in March 1999 (Vol.22 No.3):

The Bryston 7B-ST was more assertive and full in the bass than the Simaudio Moon W-5, with a bit more sparkle in the treble. This difference made the W-5 a better match with the Apogee Duettas, but made the Brystons happier with the Genesis 500s and the PMC and Coincident speakers. Large dynamic contrasts were more distinctly terraced with the W-5, but one could argue that they were more seamless with the Brystons—a toss-up, the outcome of which was greatly influenced by the tonal balance of the partnering speaker.—Kalman Rubinson