Brinkmann Balance turntable Specifications

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Description: Belt-drive turntable.
Prices: Brinkmann Balance turntable with extended armboard, $24,700; 12.1 tonearm, $7500; EMT-Ti cartridge, $4300; RöNt tubed power supply, $4300.
Manufacturer: Brinkmann Audio GmbH, Im Himmelreich 13, 88147 Achberg, Germany. Tel: (49) 8380-981195. Fax: (49) 8380-981233. Web: US distributor: Brinkmann USA (2005); On a Higher Note LLC (2012), PO Box 698, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693. Tel: (949) 488-3004. Fax: (949) 488-3284. Web:

Brinkmann Audio GmbH
US distributor: On a Higher Note LLC
(949) 488-3004

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It's pretty suprising that you enjoyed the tube supply better; I guess it just added a little extra wow to an already great piece of equipment and left you all a-flutter. 

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Elliot Mazer on the accuracy of Shakey, that's rich.  He also claims he was never interviewed for the book.  He was--three times.  Once in person.

--Someone Who Knows

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I generally dismiss the hype around power enhancements or cleaners, but the Brinkmann tube power supply makes a dramatic difference in sound quality. I have no idea how it works, but it really does - I heard it with the Bardo at Music Lover's Audio in San Francisco, and the result was immediately obvious to everyone in the room. We all commented on how much better it sounded.

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Hi Michael, I know this table well and I like it. Would you advise this over Spiral Groove (never heard), Yorke S7 (never heard) and Kuzma Stabi M for classical music? Thanks