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Scott Strother
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Brand Loyalty

About a week ago, I took a look at my system and thought, geesh what a hodgepodge, rag-tag assembly I've got! Lux, Carver, Crown, Crest Audio, Denon, Adcom, Technics, Paradigm, Polk Audio, VMPS, Klipsch, Niles, and Tascam. I write this because, in nearly all rags, we see mainly one brand system components, parlayed with the month's most polarizing speakers give, or take a segment of our demographic. Not having as yet, the real estate I need to achieve the sound I crave, I patiently wait for those stars to align (just a little under four years from now) for what will be quite a dramatic, momentous event. Anyway, I'd like to hear the experiences others have had with the various brands they have gathered over the course of their sonic journeys. Those specific characteristics that give a brand a coveted favored status.
Thanks, and always remember: The World's Greatest Performances should always be preserved.


Sound Fury
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comparing is fun

Isn't the only way to know to compare components side by side, both in the same system? I love doing that. Imagine. Some people get paid to do that. You can compare the two different ways the music sounds. And then you know the difference between the two components.

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