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Bozak Symphony Upgrades

Anyone know of a qualified shop who can help restore/upgrade Bozak Symphony speakers? I am have the ones which are pictured on the following web site
gave up fighting the WAF battle and my beloved Maggys are in retirement but I miss the ribon accuracy. Has anyone tried more modern (not Radio Shack) tweaters? Would also like to hear from other Bozak owners about upgrade hits and misses.
Thanks. M.

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Re: Bozak Symphony Upgrades

The Maggies fail the WAF Test, but those speakers pass?

Seriously, though, would you consider making this a real DIY project and finding a way to work in some Raven ribbon drivers or Bohlender & Graebner ribbon drivers? It could be done!

Heck, the B&G might go low enough to allow just a simple cross-over to one other driver.

Then again, you might have enough room to build in a nice subwoofer - or buy one and just cut out a whole where the woofer faces out.

You could get really subversive here, with good sound, too!

I'll help look for websites for parts if you decide to go radical!

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Re: Bozak Symphony Upgrades


There's a bunch of Bozak enthusiasts who often experiment with mods and improvements. Send me your email address ( and I'll pass your post over to the group. BTW, don't discount the Radio Shack tweeters---they are very effective.

Your 4000A's are beautiful.

My best,

Peter Breuninger

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