The Boys from Wharfedale

Wharfedale is one of those venerated British names in audio. And while its image is perhaps on the old-fashioned side, there's absolutely nothing old-fashioned about the latest Jade series of loudspeakers—unless you're thinking of old-fashioned craftsmanship. The price of speakers in the Jade series ranges from $1200/pair (stand-mounted Jade-1) to $4200/pair (floorstanding Jade-7), and the manufacturing is vertically integrated: they make every component of each speaker!

The cabinets use material technology developed by Wharfedale engineers, called Christalem, a laminated material formulated to reduce panel vibration and acoustical leakage. The drivers use Acufiber, which combines the glass and carbon fiber materials—again, nothing old-fashioned here. And so it goes, with every aspect of design and manufacturing. I was impressed by the natural, highly musical sounds made by the Jade-7 and the Jade-3, in both cases using relatively inexpensive electronics: Audiolab for the Jade-7 and Napa Acoustic for the Jade-3. The Jade-3s are pictured here with Bob Springston (left) and Walter Schofield (right), respectively President and Vice President Sales and Marketing of Wharfedale USA.

Ace Mineral's picture

Not Fish and Chips prices for the new Wharfedales.