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Bose 901 replacement cones needed

Couldn't find a specific place to put this (my first) posting. Trying this catagory.

I just picked up a pair of 901 Series III for cheap but the speaker foam is completley gone. I know they sell rebuild kits for between $50-$100 to refoam these but I've never done it before and would like help deciding if I should go this route or if someone knows of a good replacement speaker I could substitute in it's place and forget about all the work involved with the rebuild kits. I don't even think it would have to be a bose speaker but I could be wrong. I found a guy selling 8 (I need 8) replacement speakers (Bose Brand) for the 901's and they're gone now. Sold for like $150.

Is there a regular supplier anyone knows of for a non Bose speaker that works (possibley even better) for a couple hundred bucks for the set ?

Jeff Bayley

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