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Jan Vigne
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Bookshelf vs Floorstanding


do you think anyone will actually try to wade through that endless, incoherent mess? It seems rather doubtful.

You can't figure it out? Tell me what you're having problems with and I'll try to explain it in terms you'll comprehend. If you look at what I posted, it says there is virtually nothing you posted that is correct. You don't need to be ashamed of being ingorant.

What part of that post don't you understand?

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Re: Bookshelf vs Floorstanding

Other posters indicated that they found my information essentially correct, and to the point. But, of course, they could all be wrong, and you could be right. Unlikely; but possible. Being in a small minority should never cause one to despair.

After reading thorough reams of your drivel over the past few days, one really must conclude that you have very little to say that has anything to do with the issue at hand, and that you furthermore take an incredible number of words to say nothing relevant.

If you had been in the journalism classes that I took in college, you would have learned that brevity is the essence of clear expression; it is a lesson that has obviously escaped you so far.

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Re: Bookshelf vs Floorstanding

If you guys have a problem, you can settle it over here. Please keep it out of The Entry Level. Thanks.

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