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Book Recommendation Please

I am looking for a recommendation on a book about digital audio fundamentals. I don't want a deep, textbook kind of publication or one that is narrowly focused on just one aspect. Rather, I am after an up-to-date book that describes the basic principles or fundamentals of the digital audio scheme, formats, interfaces, issues, real world use, how recordings are made, etc. Basically, a book that provides an overview of the subject with sufficient detail to gain a practical and technological understanding of digital audio without requiring a PhD. There are two I have come across that look like possibilities:

Principles of Digital Audio, 5th Edition (2005) by Ken Pohlmann (I always enjoyed his writing in the sadly missed Stereo Review)

Digital Audio Essentials (2005) by Bruce and Marty Fries

Any comments on these or others?
Thanks for your help.


Kal Rubinson
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Re: Book Recommendation Please

Pohlmann's book is very good if a little dated already. There is also Tom Holman's new book but it is more HT oriented than it is for 2channel music. I do not know the other one you mention.


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