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Bob Lefsetz and his Letter(Blog)

what a twat

3. The National "High Violet"
Sales this week: 50,671
What kind of crazy ****ed up world do we live in where the act with the
number three album is unknown to almost everybody in the country?
One in which music has been Balkanized, where we've got endless scenes and
almost no mainstream.
I'd love to tell you I love this album, but I don't. I far prefer Broken
And while I'm at it, I'll say that Grizzly Bear doesn't float my boat
And my ultimate point is I'm now ignoring everything from Brooklyn. It's
not the new Seattle, certainly not the new San Francisco. The magazines and
blogs need something to write about, and when they trumpet substandard stuff
it ends up baffling the audience, makes them play video games or watch TV or
listen to the same damn classic tunes over and over again.
Better to have one genuine hit track like "Fireflies" than a plethora of
insider backers.
But the bottom line is, we need someone to tell us what to listen to.
Someone we can trust. Someone with a batting average of .667.
It's not Pandora, that station's batting average stinks.
It's got to be driven by people, not algorithms, data has no taste and
machines have no soul.
And one of the reasons GaGa has sold so much product is that so many agree
she's good. Sure, some shoegazers like living on the outside, but most
people want to belong, they want to be able to discuss music with their
friends. Today, we're living in the Tower of Babel.

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