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Bluenote LP+CD Reissues

Went to a record store in Hoboken and saw a few of those new Blue Note reissues which include RVG CDs... each LP+CD package costs $20.99. Picked up Dexter Gordon's "Go." The verdict? Not freaking bad! Sounds pretty damn good, if not dropkick-in-the-head good as the Music Matters or Analogue Productions 45s. Frankly, I was worried that I was paying for something inferior, as the EMI Radiohead LPs were disappointing to me... but I'm a happy camper, will be buying more of these. For less than half the price of Music Matters 45s, definitely easier on the wallet. BTW: I compared the RVG CD with the new vinyl, and they sound STARKLY different. RVG sounds very strident & uninvolving, and has a marked hiss.

If I were more stupid, I'd buy the Hank Mobley "Soul Station" to compare with my Music Matters version, but why waste money on something I already have when I can get other LPs?

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