Bluebird Music

Bluebird Music’s Jay Rein was pleased to show the Spendor Classic SP2/3R2 loudspeaker ($4295/pair), which takes the tweeter from Spendor’s SA-1 and combines it with the company’s original BBC technology, construction, and design.

The SP2/3R2 was partnered with Chord’s 1200 Mk.2 power amplifier ($14,000; replaces the 1200E), CPA 5000 preamplifier, and Red Reference CD player. Cables were Van den Hul’s 3T (True Transmission Technology). The handsome, understated equipment rack comes from Quadraspire and is made of bamboo, which Rein says is a good material for getting rid of harmful vibrations.

I heard nothing but good vibrations in this room. The overall sound was very easy to enjoy, marked by a full bottom-end and a good sense of space.