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Blu-Ray with 24/192 output from coax?

I've been investigating Blu-Ray as a vehicle for 24/192 stereo audio and so far, all the machines I've found only allow a max of 24/96 from their coax digital outputs.

What I'd like to do is to issue Soundkeeper releases in audio only (or primarily audio) stereo 24/192 on Blu-Ray disks, in the same way we issue 24/96 audio only DVDs (like Classic and Chesky's "DAD"s). The 24/96 disks can be played on almost any ordinary DVD video player and those with coax outputs can feed external DACs. I want to do the same thing with 24/192 on Blu-Ray... if it was possible. So far, I haven't found a machine that will allow this.

Anyone know of a Blu-Ray player that will definitely allow 24/192 stereo from its coax digital output?

It seems 24/192 is currently limited to HDMI and that suggests a requirement for an AV receiver or HT processor in order to get the 24/192 tracks. I much prefer using a separate DAC, to get maximum performance.

I've heard about Neil Young's new 10 disk Blu-Ray release. Am I to take it that in order to hear how good the 24/192 tracks sound, one must feed the signal into a receiver, HT processor or use the internal DAC of the Blu-Ray player? If true, the way I see it, this is a waste, as the listener is prevented from using the finest DAC(s) possible (which to my ears, do not live in receivers or processors).

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