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Black Orphesus Speaker Cables - Anyone use them?

I own a pair of Monitor Audio Silver RS6 speakers. I note that when Robert Reina reviewed these speakers in the March 2006 issue of Stereophile, he listed "Acarian Systems Black Orpheus" as the speaker cables he used during the review.

I've read some of his other speaker reviews, and I note that he often (always?) lists Black Orpheus as the speaker cables he has used during a review.

Do any of you use Black Orpheus speaker cables in a bi-wired configuration? If so, what do you think of them? To your ears, what are their positive qualities? their negative qualities?



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Use 'em with my Alons...

When I have my Alon I's in my stereo system I use a set of Black Orpheus to bi-wire them because the Alons sound better bi-wired, but I usually have the Alons in my HT system where I use old Monster stranded copper cables. As far as the differences between the two cables, IME imaging and bass seem better bi-wired, especially the bass.

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