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Big comparison topic B&W vs Focal vs Harbeth vs ATC vs ProAc vs PMC vs KEF vs Audio Physic vs Tannoy vs Sonus Fabere

Hello everybody. I think this topic will be interesting because my goal is to gather all speakers unique sound characteristics in one place.Please express your opinion without any hesitation and no judgments and no fight!

I live in third world country and I have no place to hear (most of) these speakers. I wouldn't buy them without audition of course, I am just curious what are the differences between them and their unique characteristics.I would like to hear YOUR PERSONAL OPINION and without any judgement. Please describe them as you wish. For example I heard BW is on the brighter side open and forward, Harbeth warmer, Wharfdale Linton laid back, Focal lacks bass... I repeat, I would like to hear your personal opinion.

B&W 800 series (D3, D4)

Focal (Utopia, Sopra, Kanta)


ATC (Classic series)

ProAc (Response, K Series)


Kef (Blade, Reference)

Audio Physic


Sonus Fabere

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