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Bi Amp

Folks, I have a H/K 3480 powering my system that works very well, and is dead quiet. However; I am interested in increasing the dynamics by adding a NAD 272 to drive my Usher 580's and the H/K drive my PSB 25's.
I am very happy with the Ushers and the PSB 25's but I have listened to them when driven by a more powerful system than I have and they sounded unbelievable. They had more punch. Yes, the system consisted of components of a higher level than what I have, Battery cable for speakers wires...
I listen at high levels of volume, You know, where the kids are telling ME to turn it down.
The part of this that concerns me is, having one pre out on the H/K, I would have to use a Y cable to go from the H/K pre out to the NAD and H/K in.
I would like to know if anyone has experience doing this and how it worked out.
My other route would be to step up to a more powerful amp and use the H/K as a pre-amp.
I have short runs of 12 ga. speaker wire and the Ushers are Bi wired, interconnects are good, and the H/K is not going into melt down.
This is the old story of, "If I make this one more improvement, I will be there".
I am thinking this is the road to getting "there".

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Re: Bi Amp

It will work but how will it sound?? Try it out! If it doesnt sound good there are plenty of options. Some recievers always pump a signal to the tape out, I used that trick to set up a system in a friends restaurant. 3 kenwood recievers lol!

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Re: Bi Amp

With good quality RCA Y Adapters why not? The NAD C 272 has a variable input so that should help getting things equalized between the amps.

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