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Best Time to Buy?

Is there a certain time of the year that its better to purchase equipment? I guess in other words does high end stuff ever go on sale or do they have model year closeouts or is it just MSRP no matter what? I

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Re: Best Time to Buy?

Paying MSRP on anything is usally not good. That's why it's called SUGESTED. Why is high end audio different than any other consumer product being sold? It sure do have a lot of hyped nonsense attached that's for sure. Any dealer want's to seel soemthing they surely will do some kind of deal. Never pay retail, ain't that a standard axiom? Always ask for soemthing better, cheaper price, or some items thrown in to close the deal. It's STUFF, like anything else. The dealers who don't deal go bye bye. so many have, so many more will.

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Re: Best Time to Buy?

I have not had to buy electronics in quite a while. When I got discounts was at a dealer that I frequented and they held an auction, and the bidding went down instead of up, caused by the buyers. I got a $1000 pre-amp for $200 (missed the chance at $100!) nearly three decades ago, and still using it.

Dealers may still have discounts at some times. It used to be February or March was a good time to buy gear, and maybe still is. It's right before they have to pay inventory tax and try to reduce their inventory as much as possible. Today, that may be different due to the influence of the internet sales.

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