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Characteristics of speakers for streamed music


I spend most of my time listening to music streamed from a specific channel (France musique, classique plus - 192kbps).

Granted this is not the best audio quality, and some of the recordings are not that great to begin with.
Still, this is the music which interests me...

My question is - what are the characteristics of speakers which would be best for the job?

In many reviews, there are phrases like "on great recordings the speakers will shine, but bad recordings have nowhere to hide..." - this is NOT what I'm looking for. I'd like speakers which will allow even less than perfect recordings to be enjoyable.

What would be the right adjectives to look for - "forgiving" / "warm" / ... ??

And what would corresponding measurements look like ?


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Measurements will seldom

Measurements will seldom indicate the sonic character. You need to read reviews. The measurements you want to be concerned with is sensitivity to match how much power you have to drive them. Stay away from speakers reviewed a highly detailed... or crisp.

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