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Best Pre under 400 (used)

I was wondering what you all think are the best Preamps under 400$ (Ebay used). I was looking at these
Audio Experiance Symphonies
Cary AE-3
(Some of the) Meixcing Ming Da (Products) (If I can Afford)
Dared SL-2000A
Audio note M-Zero
Soundstage Vacuum (One or Two) class a tube preamp
Promethius TVC

Musical Tastes - Mainly Jazz /Rock. (Not alot of output required. Would be nice) (Im also thinking about BI amping, so 2 outputs would be nice)

Please respond with suggestions or other pre's.

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Re: Best Pre under 400 (used)

I'm a big fan of the Superphon line.

Here's one:

Superphon Revelation

Stone cold bargain.

If you can find a Revelation II, even better!

Worth a listen.

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Re: Best Pre under 400 (used)

If you can live with only 2 inputs, this would be a low cost, low risk alternative.

If you can save a little more money and stretch a little bit, say 600 or so, you can find an older Audio Research LS-3 or CJ PV10A with a little patience. You'll never have a problem selling them for around what you paid if you get more ambitious.

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