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Best portable speakers for a MP3 player

Hi I'm looking to buy some speakers for my MP3 player. Idealy they would be portable as it would be used buring BBQs and parties in the garden. Any suggestions as to which speakers would be best. I've been looking at harman/kardon go and play, what do you think?

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Re: Best portable speakers for a MP3 player

Audioengine 5's.

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Re: Best portable speakers for a MP3 player

I'm sure that the Audioengine 5 sound better but for price, portability, and pure whimsy it would be hard to beat the Muji-cardboard speakers.

A while back I was watching Current TV which featured a profile of Muji. Think Japanese IKEA, minus the cute names. Muji's central ideas are quality, simplicity, and modesty. The product that caught my attention was a pair of single-driver speakers that use a collapsable card board box as their enclosure, retail is a cool $42. Never mind the kinds of frequency response problems that such an enclosure would introduce, I want to hear these speakers and I don't even know why. Muji just opened their first US store in New York. These would be right up the alley of Stereophile's Art Dudley. Single-driver? Check. Japanese? Check. Original in a wacky way? Check. Esoteric? CHECK!

Check out a video at:

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