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best integrated ampliflier for a budget of under $1000...

hey guys need some advice, i like to find a new integrated amp. I am using a nad c521bee cd player, yamaha av receicer rx595 and 2 pair speaker... psb alpha B and acoustic energy ae120 3 way flr stand. I woud like an amp that can bring out the best of my speakers, deep, natural and lively sound with nice detailings. I have some ideas... NAD370, ROTEL...

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Re: best integrated ampliflier for a budget of under $1000...

A plethora of choices populate this price range. Really should go out and listen to them.

NAD 352 and Audio Analogue Primo come to mind. Creek A50 and Music Hall A25.2 also.

I have no experience with the Acoustic Energy but the PSB Alpha's are low frequency restricted... no matter what amp/source you use, these small monitors will not generate deep bass.

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