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Best connection options for sub and old integrated amp

I have a Music Hall a15.2 integrated amp, musical fidelity v90 dac, and a pair of Elac debut B6 standmount speakers that I mostly use with a Chromecast audio or an onkyo c7030 cd player. This setup was great when we lived in a smaller apartment but now that we have a larger place the bass is (for my tastes) not as satisfying. Given that the amp doesn't have lfe or anything, what would the least obtrusive option be (quality-wise) for adding a powered subwoofer?

Here's a link to the amp manual as well:

Thank you!

Kal Rubinson
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The easiest is to get a

The easiest is to get a powered subwoofer which includes a cross-over (highpass and lowpass) at speaker levels but those are rare these days.

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