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Best CHEAP laptop speakers?

A friend who knew I was looking for solid speakers to hook up to my laptop (MacBook black) recommended this deal to me:

I love having good quality, and a nice big sound with speakers, but don't want to spend too much money (spent it all on my Ety ER-4Ps!). I'm thinking $50 or under, maybe a little more if there's a serious quality difference. I've had JBL Creature II's (graduation gift) for about 2.5 years now, so I'd like anything I get to be an upgrade from those. They're nice but I'm only going to buy if I can find something really better!

So I'd appreciate some audiophile advice. How are those speakers? What should I be looking for in my price range? Thanks!!

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Re: Best CHEAP laptop speakers?

What's your goal?

If $80 (J&R) is not too high, the Creative T20 speakers are good. For a laptop, a system with a sub and many speakers just looks odd to me.

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