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Re: best cd player under $200?

The Phillips is killing the Sony.

Pound for Pound, it seems a knockout.

The Phillips actually made me jump at the end of a live tune with applause. One person starts to clap early at the end of Bruce Cocburn's Live Solo disc, the cut is The Tibetan Side of Town.

The clapping starts well to the right of the right speaker - I thought someone was standing in the doorway.

This disc is much more live sounding via the Phillips.

Just getting settled in to a new listening room, so the reports have been far between.

The Sony sounds more like applause is coming from a hollow tube than it does on the Phillips - on this disc.

More listening to do. Some pics, too.

Lamont Sanford
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Re: best cd player under $200?

I was looking at one of those Philips at Target. Then I remembered I had that Pioneer DVR collecting dust. I am having similar experiences with well known recordings I have. What a remarkable discovery for CD playback. I would be using that Philips if it weren't for having something similar not in use at the house.

BTW, I'm still working off my spool of clear Radio Shack speaker cable I got 16 years ago.


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