Bending Wave - CH Precision - Goebel - TechDAS

Florida-based Bending Wave USA were showing the ginormous Divin Noblesse loudspeakers ($220,000/pair) making their US debut—I wrote "ginormous" but these are actually just the second largest speakers in the German company Goebel's line—driven by the Swiss CH Precision phono preamp, preamplifier, and power amplifiers.

I missed the seminars at AXPONA from Motofumi Hirata from TechDAS, who was discussing turntable design, but I did get to listen to "Hotel California" from the live Hell Freezes Over Eagles LP on the TechDAS Airforce One Premium turntable. The Bending Wave room was the penultimate room I visited at AXPONA and I had to keep moving before the show's close. I may have checked out of this room but the sound of this system lingers still.