Bel Canto REF Stream Ethernet Renderer and DAC 2.7

Bridging the gap between your network players or NAS drives and your DAC, the new Bel Canto REF Stream plugs into your ethernet network, appearing as a node with IP, and then outputs SPDIF, AES or Toslink. Company president Michael McCormick says it can accept both DSD or PCM streams and outputs the PCM at the native sample rate, but converts DSD to 24/176 PCM.

McCormick was demonstrating the REF Stream using JRiver Media Center software on his phone and tablet. Price will be $2,495 and is available now. McCormick adds that "it takes patience to set up a networked audio system, but it's worth it. Take your time when you set up the front end."

Bel Canto was also showing their lastest DAC update, the DAC 2.7 which in addition to the usual digital inputs now accepts 24/192 via USB. The DAC 2.7 also functions as a preamp/headphone amp and retails for $2,495.

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The REFStream makes its connection to your network via Ethernet and outputs AES/EBU, S/PDIF on BNC (a BNC to RCA adapter is included) and ST Glass Fibre, not toslink. The ST Glass Fibre is the best quality connection to be used with the DAC3.5VB or the new DAC3.7. They've done a great job in making it super easy to set up and it sounds fantastic.