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"Behind the Scenes" at Stereophile

I'd love to see a "behind the scenes" documentary on what it takes to produce an issue of Stereophile. Short of that, I'd be curious about the following:

1) Does the editorial and review staff have a life? In other words, is the work so time consuming you're always getting in trouble with your spouses (if they haven't left you already), and the only "vacations" you take are at trade shows? Does it require that you become so obsessive about the work that fiddling with cables or responding to forum questions would be considered an evening of entertainment?

2) How hectic is it around deadline time?

3) By inference, Stereophile's inward and outward culture seems different than other audio magazines. Dare I say, it's a unique blend of high-professionalism and soul (though I dislike using this word)? Might this be a reflection of the management approach? Or the uniquely professional, perhaps personable, character of the reviewers? Some individual requirements that would come to mind are assuredness without pomposity; understanding of one's fallibilities; eagerness to learn and grow; well roundedness; a very strong intrinsic interest in the particulars of the field which can then be used to bear upon a larger meaning; and decent writing skills (did I spell decent correctly?).

4) Does the type of work allow freedoms such as working at home or the coffee shop (or at the beach), especially given the electronic nature of the work-product? If so, does this imply that you seldom interact face-to-face? And if so, is the quality of life better despite this?

5) I just don't see how JA has the time to edit and write and perform all those tests in the span of a single month. What gives? As the only magazine with a well-thought-out and carried-out set of measurements for each type of equipment, I find it potentially perilous for the industry if JA decides to leave the magazine sometime over the next decades. What's the long-term backup plan?

6) In your line of work, can any of you afford decent equipment without having to "work an amazing deal" or afford to have someone repaint your living room and still manage to pay the mortgage? Or on the other hand, is it, "who needs a living room?"

Inquiring minds want to know (or perhaps just a sole biomedical engineer does).

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Re: "Behind the Scenes" at Stereophile

You have some writing skills yourself, atalio. If we both lived in NYC ( I certainly do not), perhaps we should use my High Definition equipment to make a FILM.

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Re: "Behind the Scenes" at Stereophile

I'd love to see a "behind the scenes" documentary on what it takes to produce an issue of Stereophile.

Gosh, I can't answer all of these questions right now; it's Saturday morning, "Kind of Blue" is playing in the living room/listening room, and I'm actually still in bed.

We have, however, been trying to give people a behind-the-scenes/under-the-covers look with our blogs.

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