Behind the Scenes: What the Brothers Sang

Even though my own band has recorded and released a handful of CDs and EPs, the act of making music remains mysterious and awesome. I love it. I’ll never get tired of watching musicians create.

Here, we get a behind-the-scenes look into the making of Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s upcoming album, What the Brothers Sang, inspired by the music of the Everly Brothers.

The album was recorded and produced by David Ferguson at Furguson and John Prine’s Butcher Shoppe Studio in Nashville, TN, so you know it sounds good. The video footage, shot by Lara Miranda, captures the sweet, powerful energy of being in a room, creating something special with friends and partners. There’s nothing like it. The time and place, as much as the performers and their instruments, become a part of the music and the magic. Reproducing even just a hint of that event is a big part of what hi-fi is all about—at least for me.

What the Brothers Sang will be released by Drag City on February 19th.