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B&W CDM9 nt questions

I am looking at some used B&W CDM9 nt floor speakers. I have a Harman Kardon Award Series A500 Tube Amp that is rated 25 watts but probably puts out closer to 35 watts. The B&Ws are rated at 50-200w with 90db sensitivity. I am still unclear about comparing valve watts with solid state, so would my amp have a problem driving these? I am not looking to throw club parties or turn the bass way up. I just hope get some decent sound with my current setup and then upgrade my amp at a later date. If I keep the bass turned low and use my sub for the low ends, wouldn't my amp be just fine to drive the mids and highs? It seems that few people own a tube amp rated over 100 watts, whereas most floor speakers are rated well over that. So there must be a lot of people running speakers with tube amps rated "below the minimum" specs for such speakers. I am using some cheap Cerwin Vega V6-Fs right now that are rated 150 watts and my amp seems to handle them just fine.

I would just like some decent speakers that actually produce the mids and highs well. I am no bass junkie. Jazz, classical, classic rock and blues are my main listening tastes.

Any thoughts?

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Re: B&W CDM9 nt questions

Many tube advocates say that tube amps sound like a solid state amp of two or three times the power. Part of that is when tube amps "clip" (distortion caused by driving them past their capabilities) the negative effects are much more benign and often subtractive in nature.

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Re: B&W CDM9 nt questions

The B&W CDM9NT is a well regarded loudspeaker of its day. I would just hook them up to your Harman Kardon Award Series A500 and listen. At first I wouldn't even bother with a subwoofer. Any deficiencies in satisifying your music preferences should become apparent and you can then go from there. However, the way you describe how and what you listen to suggests the combo may work for you.

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