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B&O Beogram 4004 Turntable and new turntable questions

this is my first post on this forum and my goal is: I'm wanting a turntable that can provide me with high quality playback and steady performance.

my question is can the B&O turntables keep up with modern turntables? between looking at the B&O 4004 which seemed to have retailed for around 1100.00 in the early 80's how does it stack up with modern equipment? Looking at many of the newer turntables you are able to drop 2 grand easy into one but how does that stack up vs the older gear?

I guess my main concern here is that i have found several fantastic record deals on Ebay with several old USSR recordings and serveral of my best loved artists and groups still mint and sealed and i want a good record player that i can use for this for solely ex-sealed records...

I would say my upper limit on the player itself would be up to 1500.00usd, are there players out there that can compete with the B&O? minus stylus cost of course.

My system for LP playback would consists of Carver C-4000 preamp (lightly modded) and Carver TFM-35 poweramp with Bower and Wilkens 685s.

I want to eventually upgrade to a tube preamp and amplifier in the future, but one step at a time.

Any help and idea's would be greatly apreciated.


Jan Vigne
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Re: B&O Beogram 4004 Turntable and new turntable questions

I assume you do not presently own a 4004. If that's the case, don't buy one. They really were not a terribly good product. As I remember the 4004 was their top of the line linear tracking table just before they discontinued their entire turntable line.

The number of problems inherent in any linear tracking table are too numerous to discuss here but just consider any B&O table to be the lesser of two choices no matter what the present day competition would be. Even if you are simply taken by the B&O's looks and method of operation consider there really are no B&O cartridges to buy at this time. As they did exist when the 4004 was new, their best cartridge was hampered by the mounting system used in the B&O design. Despite what the table's bouncy suspension might suggest these are tables that are quite sensitive to placement and will require more careful set up to achieve less sound quality than a Rega table of lower cost.

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Re: B&O Beogram 4004 Turntable and new turntable questions

$1,500 for the turntable and tonearm?

Ask about the Rega P5, Project Perspective Blue Point No. 2, Music Hall MMF-7.1, Sota Satellite w/Rega RB301 tonearm and VPI Scout. What is your budget for turntable, tonearm and cartridge?

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Re: B&O Beogram 4004 Turntable and new turntable questions

Like Jan, I consider the B&O turntables to be "all show, no go." Plus when they break spare parts are extremely sparse and B&O offers NO support. Run, don't walk in the opposite direction. Project and Music Hall make excellent affordable turntables that are widely available. Even a $300 'table from either of these guys would best a B&O. All of their models above that would continue to raise the stakes.

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