Bam Bam from Tri-Art

Tri-Art Audio of Canada displayed its complete mid-level Bam Bam system, whose cost was under $35,000. Built to a very strict price point, the electronics, all stuffed with sheep's wool—why didn't they name it the Bah Bah system?—included the new Bam Bam passive preamplifier ($1295), which is housed in a solid wood cabinet and allows for passive bi-amping and tri-amping without an electronic crossover; Bam Bam 75Wpc class-D balanced amplifier #75-S ($1995); and Bam Bam 24V battery power supply ($900). Although it was maximally distracting to try to focus on the Modern Jazz Quartet while nature videos were projected before me—sorry, but it's the wrong soundtrack—the sound, despite some bass thumping, was quite nice.

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(website's a little funny today)

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The pricing of the electronics mentioned relative to the price of the $35k system seems odd.

And then there's the look of the whole thing: Eames meets Esherick meets Rube Goldberg.

Who knows? Maybe it's cool in person and sounds great.