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balanced inputs, silly newbie question

Is there any way to connect two sources with balanced outputs to a power amp? My sources are a CDP with a balanced output (Cairn Fog v3) and a cheap tuner. I'd spend the money on a tuner with balanced outputs if it meant avoiding a preamp altogether.
Not an urgent issue since I'm happy with my current integrated. If I ever felt the need to upgrade on the power side, it would be great to have the benefits of the direct connection while avoiding the expense of a preamp.
Can't some clever person make a switching box that would take a bunch of balanced outputs and output one cable to the amp?

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Re: balanced inputs, silly newbie question

Is there any way to connect two sources with balanced inputs to a power amp?

Well, with a switchbox of the kind you require, you would also need a volume control as your two balanced sources are unlikely to have the same maximum output levels. And then you are looking at a serious product, like, for example, the Sonic Euphoria -- -- or the Placette -- .

And if you are going to that length, you might as well as add an active gain stage to buffer the source components from the power amplifier input loading, in which case you now have a conventional preamplifier.

John Atkinson
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Re: balanced inputs, silly newbie question

There goes the fortune!

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Re: balanced inputs, silly newbie question

There is a company called "Black Box" That can make up passive switch boxes. I once had them make me up several switches to let me program and control 2 industrial robots from one keyboard monitor mouse.