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Bad day report - EAR V20 and Creek 5350SE


it was a bad day for my audio equipment today... I suddenly started getting lots of static from the right channel of my EAR V20. The tubes are pretty new, the amp was retubed a year ago and was not used at all between September and early December. The tubes don't have more than 200 hours on them.

Any idea as to what might be the problem? I'm contacting EAR of course, but it's the holidays today...

Since my amp seems out of commission, I took out my trusted Creek 5350SE to replace it. Problem is, this is a US-bought Creek 5350SE, not used since I moved to Europe a couple of years ago. Momentary lapse of concentration means I forgot it needed voltage conversion and plugged the 110V into the 220V outlet. Please tell me I only fried some fuse... (actually, let me know even it's more severe...) Noone is answering over at Creek either, by the way.


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