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Bad Bird
Lamont Sanford
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Re: Bad Bird

Tee hee!

JoeE SP9
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Re: Bad Bird

I thoroughly enjoyed that. I'm an Air Force brat and an Air Force veteran.

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Re: Bad Bird

That is so cool. Apparently it is the unique creation of a German engineer and not available for sale ... damn.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Bad Bird

That is a great video. I can't wait for my son to see it tonight. Thanks for sharing.

What a great landing! WOW

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Re: Bad Bird

I thoroughly enjoyed that. I'm an Air Force brat and an Air Force veteran.

I got to see the SR-71 at an air show. It was supposed to be sitting there on display, and was guarded by one person with a M16 and a dog. I guess it got called to duty during the air show, because it was being fueled. As the pilots arrived, they spent a lot of time in the plane before it taxied out. The plane took off and made a gentle turn and passed in front of the stands at low speed. Then it circled around and flew very fast (subsonic) past the stands when it lit the ABs, of which the flame was longer than the plane showing the periodic ring pattern in the exhaust, and climbed vertically while rolling over and over. Then it flew one last time past the stands before going away.

All I could say was Wow!

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Re: Bad Bird

Noel Widdifield (standing) was the backseater (Reconnaisance Officer) on the SR-71 flight that set the speed record for New York to London in 1 Hr., 54 min. It turns out he was my boss at Space Applications Corp. after he retired and became a desk jockey.

Side note: Apparently, the fastest manned atmospheric vehicle of all time was the Apollo command module as it returned from the moon, reaching speeds of around Mach 30.

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