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B & W 685 with Rotel 06 series

Hello all,

I'm trying to make a decision on my first setup dedicated to music. So far I've listened to several bookshelf speakers and the B&W 685 have my preference so far. The speakers I demo'd where driven by a Rotel RA-06 amp. I've listened to these at two stores so far and both times I chose the 685s. I listen mostly to guitar music, i.e. rock 'n roll and these speakers had great 'bite.' I listened 5-10 mins to several songs and the sound didn't start to irritate. I'm new to listening and found it very difficult but I'm fairly confident. I also like that the bass port is on the front of the speaker so I can place them close to my wall.

I've found no topics on the 685 here. Any experiences?

My next step is to make a decision on the amp. From what I've read B&W's match well with Rotel (because same distributor?). I'm going to listen to the 685 again soon but then with a RA-06 (70 w/c) versus a RA-05 (40 w/c). Same integrated amp but less watts/channel. If I'm satisfied with the RA-05 that will save me some money.

If I go with Rotel I'd like to add a RB-06 (70 w/c) and go for bi-amping. My question is for bi-amping do both amps need to be similar or the same, i.e. both need to be 70 w/c?

FYI. My listing room (living room) is approx 15 m^2 and live in an apartment (so now cranking it).

Other suggestions welcome!


- Emiel

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Re: B & W 685 with Rotel 06 series


Some random thoughts if you will allow. I admittedly am not a fan of the 600 series. You stated you found them to have the kind of

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Re: B & W 685 with Rotel 06 series

Cambridge Audio Azur 740A
Epos ELS-303

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