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Ayre C5xeMP vs Esoteric X-05

Hi, I'm having a hard time choosing between these two SACD players. Has anyone heard them together?

Assuming I'm using a neutral sounding amp and speakers, what are the different sound characteristics of the C5xeMP and the X-05 in terms of soundstaging, timbre, immediacy, imaging, resolution, depth of bass, tonal color, timing etc? Which one would give a greater sense of musical realism?

Reason I'm asking is the 2 products are sold by different dealers where I live which means I have no way of auditioning them head-to-head using the same amp and speakers.

Hope someone can help me out here. Thanks.

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Re: Ayre C5xeMP vs Esoteric X-05

I don't know which is better, but FYI, Jeff Dorgay, of Tone, is selling his Ayre. Here's one link (he probably has it listed elsewhere as well)...

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Re: Ayre C5xeMP vs Esoteric X-05

He probably bought a Sony SCD-XA5400ES. I replaced my Ayre C5-Xe with one. The Sony is so much better than anything else under $10,000 that it is absolutely incredible...and for $1500!!!?

I am going to get my Ayre upgraded to the MP specification when I can , but there is a long wait; and I question whether it will match the Sony even then. We will see. How Sony can make a product this good for this price is quite a miracle to me.

My vinyl recordings were the closest I had ever heard to bringing the full dynamics and tonal colors of a major solo piano work right into my living room, but the Sony betters even my turntable. This is the first time I could ever say that it really sounds "LIVE". Silly grin time.

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