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Ayre AX-7e vs. Krell S-300i

I was set to get an Ayre AX-7e integrated but recently I have been hearing good things about the Krell s-300i. (Which is also almost 1K less in price.) I have heard the Ayre but I have not heard the Krell. Does anyone have any experience with the Krell? How does it sound compared to the Ayre? Is the Ayre worth the extra cash? I will be using this integrated amp with PSB Synchrony One tower speakers.



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Re: Ayre AX-7e vs. Krell S-300i

I haven't directly compared those two units but do have extensive experience with both brands. In general to my ears Krell will have more bass (maybe more than is strictly speaking accurate) and be more dynamic. It will also be brighter in the lower treble. The Ayre will have a wider, deeper soundstage and more extended high frequencies.

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