AVM Rotation R5.3 Turntable

"Handcrafted In Germany" it proudly says above AVM's new Rotation R5.3 Cellini Edition belt-drive turntable, with its acrylic Illumine platter softly glowing blue. With its 10" AVM tonearm, the R 2.3 will cost in the region of $8900 and, fitted with an Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge, did justice to Diana Krall singing "Indeed I Do." (For what it's worth, while many showgoers dismiss Krall as an over-exposed pop singer—I'm looking at you, Jason Victor Serinus— I respect both her musicianship and her piano playing.)

The rest of the system comprised Wilson Sabrina speakers driven by an AVM A 8.3 integrated amplifier, which has a tubed preamp section and a MOSFET output stage, and a P 30 phono stage. Cabling was all Nordost.

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It is also lovely when Diana Kraal puts some energy into her interpretations. Regardless, happy to be the fall guy for the un-Kralled millions.

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She is a superb presenter of songs from the Great American Songbook, but she is a great singer in her own write and a superb pianist. I feel for those who do not "get her" and I think for some it is the fact that she is beautiful and thus part of why the public likes her work. That is just a plus as if you just listen to her in any format one with any musical taste find her work first rate.

I haven't watched the grammy's for years as to me It has become a vast wasteland of performance. I am pretty open minded about music as my parents did not hit the roof with disdain when the Beatles came to be. I am also a huge classical and choral music fan and that is much more complex that all of 3 or 4 chords. I'm glad I get it.

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Well said.

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Seems like Diana somehow “hijacked” this review! I’m still curious as to how the R 2.3 performed? Oh, and I agree with Jason on this one. Like her, don’t love her.

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Oh ..... "Diana" .......... Paul Anka :-) ........