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Avantgarde Uno or Duos

As you guys know from the previous discussions, I am beginning to look for speakers for my home. One of the contenders are the Avantgarde Duo's (I haven't heard the Unos). I have a question for those who have heard both:

Is there a big difference between the Unos and the Duos? My listening room is about 14x25. Would I be better off with the Unos or the Duos? Furthermore, I have read that you can really hear amplifier and other component hum on the Avantgardes. That would be completely unacceptable to me. I haven't heard any hum when I auditioned them at the store. Do you experience hum with these speakers? Have you been able to eliminate it? How bad was it? How hard was it to eliminate?

My current setup consists of Rega Planet 2k CD player, Cary SLP 88 preamp and PSAudio 200c amp. Would I need to change my electronics? IF so, which components and how bad will the AG's sound until I do my upgrades?

Thanks for your help.

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