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Avalon Symbol

Just thought I'd flag this for the community at large - if you have an apartment, or a small to medium sized listening area, check out Avalon's Symbol speakers.

They are positioned between Avalon's NP Evolution and Ascendant models. I don't believe I've ever seen them reviewed in the US, but recently heard them at the outstanding Music Lovers showroom in San Francisco.

They were mated with a Rel T2 sub, an Ayre CX-7e CD spinner and a VTL IT-85 tube integrated amp. I had previously heard the Ayre/VTL combination with a wide variety of quality speakers, but the Symbols were a revelation. Originally designed for multichannel, they sounded perfect in a small two-channel/sub setup.

Again, a quality sub is required, but the combination was superb. I bought the demo pair the next day.

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Re: Avalon Symbol

I don't like Avalons. They tend to have very sloppy bass and buzzing highs. I think there are much better speakers for that price on the market.

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Re: Avalon Symbol

I liked the Avalon Evolution NP 2.0s but they did not take me to the place the Vandersteen 2Ce Signature IIs had which are less expensive. I'm sure if I had listened to them side by side the Vandersteens would have shamed them. I would think the Vandersteen 3A Signature would be a better value, but I have not heard the Avalon Symbol. If it needs a subwoofer for adequate low frequency extension, that right there would be a turn off for me.

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Re: Avalon Symbol

I agree that the Vandersteens are better-sounding than those Avalons.

I had Vandersteen 2 speakers for several years, and then went to the Vandersteen 3A for more bass. Unfortunately, however, then I built a new house where my living room is 15 by 40 feet, and the 3A's do not have the bass capability for such a large room, so I had to add a pair of Vandersteen 2WQ subwoofers.

In my old house where the living room was 12 by 25, the 3A's had enough bass, but what I REALLY should have done was keep the Model 2's and added first one subwoofer at the old house and a second subwoofer when I moved; that would have bben

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