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Aurum cantus v3m(no jumpers)how to make jumpers?

I am the lucky owner of Aurum cantus they arrived with no jumpers. How do I make jumpers? I have lots of "clear coated
speaker wire". If I run a the speaker wire between the top
posts to bottom where do I connect the "single wire speaker
cables I have?
IF some one has a good suggestion for bi wire speaker cables for these speakers I would be interested in hearing your opinion.
Right now I have a Kinergetics KBA-75, Adcom GFP-750
and Rega Apollo cd.(Cardas innerconnets)
thanks for the ideas

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Re: Aurum cantus v3m(no jumpers)how to make jumpers?

Yes you can connect the top and bottom sets with two short lenghts of speaker wire. As far as which posts to connect your speaker cables to you'll have to try it both ways and listen. Perhaps call the manufacturer of your speakers and ask what they'd recommend too. When I've done it both ways I've tended to prefer hooking the speaker cable to the top posts and jumping to the bottom set.

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Re: Aurum cantus v3m(no jumpers)how to make jumpers?

Several speaker cable manufaturers make jumpers as does MapleShade. I would try to use jumpers of the same quality of your speaker cables. I do bi-wire my speakers.

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