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Michael Fremer may be Stereophile's Mr. Analog but he was mightily impressed with the Moon 780D digital processor from Simaudio, which never meets a source of data it can't turn into music. Herb Reichert gets excited by an affordable tube preamp from Rogue, as does Fred Kaplan over an expensive VTL tube preamp; and Art Dudley and John Atkinson get much musical enjoyment from Sony and PSB speakers, respectively. And as well as our regular "Analog Corner," "Listening," "Gramophone Dreams," "Aural Robert," and "Industry Update" columns, Sasha Matson interviews Ayre's Charley Hansen—the "Wizard of Boulder"—Robert Baird talks to power-pop icon Bill Lloyd, and Robert Schryer kicks the issue off by examining how audiophiles can get into their "Happy Zones."

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Quickly renewed my lapsed subscription and went straight to Reichert's initial review of the 1200GAE, it confirms what I heard in March - clean, great imaging, almost CD'esque sounding. The key question, as someone who owns a Mk5 1200 is whether or not I should upgrade the bearing of the old one to a Mike New Bearing and change the stock 1200 tonearm to a SME M2-9r or even IV. Will it come close to the new one or not? I suspect close but not equal it. Look forward to the follow up before I decide.