Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and Grado SR80i Headphones from Needle Doctor Sweepstakes

Register to win a Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and Grado SR80i Headphones (MSRP $298) from Needle Doctor we are giving away.

According to Needle Doctor:

Whether you are a budding audiophile or a serious enthusiast in need of a mobile solution, the following package is for you. The Audioquest Dragonfly and Grado SR80s are not only Needle Doctor staff favorites individually, but they work great as a pair.

The versatile Audioquest Dragonfly is first a high quality USB DAC capable of decoding up to 24bit/96kHz digital files of any format. It is also an adept headphone amplifier which will make your new Grado headphones sing with warmth and body. Just plug one end of the Dragonfly into the USB port of your laptop (or desktop) computer, and the SR80s into the other, and you will breathe new life in to your digital music collection or any streaming online content.

Don't forget that you can also integrate the Dragonfly with your home hi-fi system. Simply connect the 3.5mm output with a nice mini-to-RCA cable to an open line-level input, and enjoy the increased clarity in your main system.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

wudze's picture

Dragonfly and Grado, does it get any better than that? Inconceivable!

daquistojazz's picture

Pick me pickme pick me!

TravisPatrick's picture

Yes, please!

Utopianemo's picture

Both would be an upgrade for me!

freddiek40's picture

Yes, please!

alanalways's picture

oh, to win would be so nice!

ChrisS's picture

Algee's picture

dac and cans, sweet ! cool

absolutepitch's picture

Actually looking for headphones and a DAC. Maybe I'll get lucky.

antism's picture

This would be an amazing addition to my, as of yet, nonexistent collection.

metaltiger's picture

You giff me headphone, but you laugh!

Phil Sommers's picture

I have the Dragonfly on my computor and use the Grado SR80 phones to listen to it.  A great combo. 

Gbenaim's picture

Im in too.

liuj88's picture


Me, please.

DH's picture

Need some luck on this one!

DH's picture

Need some luck on this one!

vincent215's picture

I have heard the Grado SR80 and Audio Quest, this combo is excellent, and great for any new audiophile beginner.

I want this combo badly!!

Demondog's picture

Combined with my netbook it would be a nice travel system.

MrGneiss's picture

My turn to win?? :-D

kaychew's picture

Eager to see how good the DAC is

Brankin's picture

Awesome -

mwfuss's picture

Dragonfly and Grado! What a combination.

I certainly want to win this one!

Chuckdog's picture

Two pieces welcomed at my home!

BlueSteelAudio's picture

Now I just need a new computer...

willdao's picture

A venerable classic paired with a well-regarded newcomer--what's not to love?

CarterBro's picture

Let's do it

stevo's picture

Would love to hear these in unison.Would cheer me up no end!

TFLyness's picture

What a great combo to offer!'s picture

I would love this.  I gave my grados to my future father in law and would love to get a new pair along with a great DAC like the Dragonfly

bramankp's picture

Dear Santa, this, please. That is all.

DannyBoyNYC's picture

Will surely come!

philipjohnwright's picture

I used to have a pair of sr80's, lovely sound and after bending the headband out slightly to accommodate my large head the fit and comfort was fine (honest!)

markbrauer's picture

and in my home town!

dougsing's picture

I'm in!

rtracey88's picture

Always wanted a set of Grados and that Dragonfly DAC looks awesome too!

torturegarden's picture

This seems like a nice combo for my MacTop. I hope I win.

yage's picture

I think my wife would enjoy the Dragonfly and I'd keep the Grados for when my son gets just a little bit older... (of course I'd have to listen to them first to, ahem, make sure they're in perfect working order)

svenska's picture

just what I could use for me hectic travel schedule.

stebaht's picture


akiesli's picture

Maybe it'll be my lucky month.

alexk's picture

Sign me up.

drewrf's picture

Yes please

CThru's picture

Thank you.

kchamblin's picture

This is exactly what I need. 


Thanks in advance.

ikymagoo's picture

would love this!

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james alan's picture

I could really use an upgrade to this fine equipment! thanks

andybrandt's picture

Thank you

BolkenYolte's picture

I'll take them thanks!

CB3874's picture

Cool! Pick me! Pick me!

k4al's picture

This is awesome, been wanting to try the Dragonfly

rodeobrett's picture

I'll take those!

Music_Guy's picture

Already 50+ comments (entries)  Looks like Grado+Audioquest is a popular pair.

One can still hope....

Rosdilp's picture

All of the sounds want to be in my Ear. Please help make that happen

noirx7's picture

and Grado! Great combo... 

photogcw's picture


spyder1's picture

A perfect combination!

kewilson's picture

Would love to win these.  I've always liked Grado headphones, and I've read great things about the Dragonfly.

kamikaze's picture

I've been saving up for months to buy myself some Grados as a birthday present to myself Nov 5th. Would be much appreciated to get this as a free gift haha cool

adk highlander's picture

Love a new set of cans. - Just don't tell my wife.

pete86's picture

I love grado cans and have always wanted a pair of my own. Was looking for a new laptop dac too!

Pony Coyote's picture

I'd like to win. 

WAF Warrior's picture

 deep borp bo beep beep

martian's picture

This would be a very nice upgrade to my current system

canyelles's picture

nice prize to win!

BradleyP's picture

I need some of that budget king gear to go!  Gear from these two great companies is a great match.

mahonel's picture

A Haiku

the moon so pure
a wandering monk carries it
across the sand

RWT114's picture

Maybe it will be my lucky day

lbseals's picture

this would be a nice place to get started.

SKZA's picture

Gimme gimme gimme. 

agaray66's picture

Cross my fiingers...

Andrew R's picture

Very very awesome. 

giganticnorskie's picture

What an awesome prize. Love my 60's. 

this's picture

...combination of prizes!

projectc's picture

Please oh please!!

matterrr's picture


mdonohue's picture

I recently picked up a set of Audio-Technica ATH-M50's and a Behringer U-Control UCA222 DAC. I really like 'em. Another setup for the downstairs would be great.

eugovector's picture

I've always wanted some Grados, but have had a need for closed sets.  Maybe I won't need an excuse to buy these after all.

xyzip's picture

contest entry  ...

mikepbrowning's picture

Dragonfly here I come

Vasco's picture

It would be so sweet to win this!

drums4money's picture

  awesome addition to the collection.  Fingers crossed.

mcdontho's picture

To listen to 2112!

cpoole17's picture

I feel lucky

aw's picture

Count me in!!!

bsm539's picture

yes i do's picture

I wish to win these bad boys...

EndersShadow's picture

Would love to win this

jeffh's picture

This would be awesome!

jeffh's picture

This would be awesome!

NoStrings's picture

This is a great opportunity (for me) to win an early Christmas present (for me).  Thanks in advance.

Jackblues's picture

I'll gladly take the prize. 

J Young's picture

I like it.

mikerr's picture

Breathe out.




kabjunk's picture

...gotta have them...

nitsua196's picture

fingers crossed!

matthra's picture


hooplidoopler's picture

I'm still using apple headphones sadly!

npsquire1's picture

Yes please!

eye definition's picture

 To hear that I'm the winner will surely be music to my ears.

tlayman's picture

For the upcoming holidays!!

Dick James's picture

I could use some new headphones and another DragonFly to give out for Christmas.

david.parker83's picture

For sonic bliss

corrective_unconscious's picture

That would be nice.

quiller's picture



markjmills's picture

Hope Santa thinks I've been a good boy this year!

anomaly7's picture

Really, these would be music to my ears. Really nice music.

Doktor Avalanche's picture

This and a new MacBook please.

smgear's picture

These would have a nice home in the laptop case... )

mrkva's picture

would be nice indeed :)

donahewj's picture

i could really use this great set up

rappahannockva's picture

Count me in!

Theo's picture

That says it all

Kilgore Trout's picture


Geoff's picture

Would love to win this sweepstakes, although I've never won anything, I'll keep trying!

Lofty's picture

I like Audioquest and Grado. I have AQ cables and Grado phones.

Ulogin's picture

Will surely come!

jnbwrs's picture

Would like to give these a try!

popluhv's picture

for the work place!

benwilderman's picture

Yes please

Driftwood's picture

I know just the right recipient!

KDub's picture

What a great combo prize. Grado and the Dragonfly. Wow. I hope I win!

jamesk's picture

Shaikuma's picture


mike walters's picture


pbarach's picture

Always wanted to try a Dragonfly!

douglas882's picture

Two of the best names in the business! I have all Audioquest cables in my system! What are they? Rocket 33 single biwire speaker cables, Victoria interconnects, Coffee USB, Cinnamon optical, Forest optical, Cinnamon FireWire, and the list goes on...

mcrumm56's picture

My first time commenting, my first time entering a contest and my first time on the website.

thelemur's picture

Yes please

howardk's picture

I really want this.

CosmicHippo's picture


I've never won ANYTHING.


Let's change that......shall we?

WillWeber's picture

I don;t need,  but would love to give this pairing

pj's picture

Me, me, me!

mrnitz44's picture

This would be a major improvement for me over my smartphone earbuds

Hifitech's picture

Wow, what a combo - yes please

Hifitech's picture

Yes, please

Jeffstudio's picture

Pairing the Audioquest Dragonfly DAC with the Grado SR80i is just so smart !

I'd love to hear these in my own home.

ongtru's picture

Currently attending university, and my laptop is my primary source. I would love to upgrade the audio experience.

rickm45's picture

would love to win.

audio1999's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win such great audio gear!

Brown Sound's picture

New DragonFly and Grados, oh yes!

cclay's picture

Count me in

jcband's picture

I could use these!!!

JamesR505's picture


bunter's picture

really could do with this...

panicroom's picture

I've been admiring the Dragonfly from afar for a long time. What a great pairing with the Grados. 

acawaigmail's picture

I'd love to get my hands on this combo.

marfi's picture


awbosse's picture

Count me in.

unclebill's picture

lets hope !