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Audiophile sound from headphones connected to an iMac

Hi everybody,

I've just send a PM to Wes Phillips since I couldn't find a place in the forum to address my question. Now I found it - and post my question here as well.

I run Logic Pro 7 on an iMac and would like the closest to audiophile sound quality I can get via headphones on a budget.

There are many options and I'm sure some are better than others. I guess I can use the headphones out with a good set of phones, the line out with a good headphone preamp. I can also use the USB, FireWire or TosLink, right?

I intend to buy the AKG K-701 headphone - but how do I get a good signal from the iMac to the AKG's?

a) What connection should I use?
b) Should I use a dedicated DAC?
c) Is a headphone preamp the way to go?

I am told that the TosLink signal is better than the signal from the USB and FireWire. Is that so? If yes, then how come?

I have $1.000 to spend (not including the headphones). I've been looking at the Apogee Mini DAC and HeadRoom MicroDAC as well as the HeadRoom MicroAmp. There are very likely better choices that I don't know about.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Kind regards,

Stefan Hansen
Denmark, Europe

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