Audiophile Essentials Packages Now Available

Stereophile celebrated 50 years of continuous publication in November 2012 and released its milestone 400th issue in May. The magazine remains committed to providing all audiophiles—young, old, enthusiastic newbies, and grumpy veterans alike—the tools necessary to get the very best from their systems and music libraries. To that end, we’ve bundled our hot-selling Recommended Components Collector’s Edition and our invaluable test discs into two neat and affordable Audiophile Essentials packages.

The Audiophile Essentials Editor’s Choice Package ($15) includes Stereophile’s Recommended Components Collector’s Edition and our most popular test disc, Editor’s Choice. The Recommended Components Collector’s Edition compiles the last 10 years of our most influential, controversial, and prized feature, “Recommended Components.” Inside, you’ll find ratings and review summaries for more than 1500 top audio products and accessories—everything from A/D converters to ZeroStats—so you can build the system of your dreams. Once you’ve selected your gear, you’ll have to set it up for optimal sound—no small feat. Editor’s Choice will accompany you through the process with phase-identification tracks, warble tones, tone bursts, pink noise, and a selection of John Atkinson’s favorite recordings—everything you need to get the very best from your speakers.

Is $15 too little to spend on your precious system? Want more? We’ve got more. The Audiophile Essentials Test CD Package ($30) combines the Recommended Components Collector’s Edition with Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of our best-selling, industry-standard Test CDs. That’s over 80 tracks of system-calibration tones and music excerpts from the Analogue Productions, AudioQuest Music, B&W Music, Chesky Records, Reference Recordings, Telarc, and Stereophile labels.

With Stereophile’s Audiophile Essentials packages, you’ll be sure to achieve the musical and sonic satisfaction you deserve. Now is the time to get into high fidelity. Anything less would be just noise.

Find your Audiophile Essentials Packages in Stereophile’s secure online store at or call (888) 237-0955.