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Audioengine A2

I recently purchased a set of Audioengine A2 desktop speakers. I am very happy with their performance for the money, and they are very convenient as they are self-powered and most of the listening I do is at my desk. Lately I have been running my Technics Sl-D2 turntable through a phono preamp and into the speakers. I was wondering if a Rega P1 would sound noticeably better through this same setup. I would potentially buy a groovetracer acrylic platter. Let me know your thoughts.



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Re: Audioengine A2

Hi Troy,

There are a number of people who really enjoy the direct drive turntables (like your Sl-D2) and a number of people who can't stand them!

In your situation I would make sure I got a chance to listen to a P1 before buying one. Personally, I'd probably like the P1 better than the Sl-D2, but it's no guarantee that you'd find it a substantial upgrade. I guarantee it will be different though!

If you are looking to upgrade your TT and you can stretch things a bit, I'd look into the Pro-Ject Xpression. They come with a good cartridge, a nice carbon fiber tonearm, an acrylic platter and are very solidly built. You can easily upgrade them with an affordable external power supply (the Pro-ject Speedbox) should you wish to take it to another level.

In any case, I think it's quite important to listen to anything you are considering and make sure that the gains are worth it.

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